Houses can be dramatically altered through the process of renovation.  Stories can be added, additions can change the footprint of a house, and exterior elements can change the character of the building. Based on your goals, your budget, and the existing structure, we help you decide which elements to retain and which elements you want to add or alter – and why.

The photo above shows a 1900’s farmhouse that was expanded and modernized through the addition of a deck and two additions.

The images below show other “Before and After” transformations of homes in Columbia County and the Berkshires.


cape to center hall colonial

Here, an original Colonial cape was transformed into a Center Hall Colonial.

expansion of bungalow

The footprint of the original bungalow was dramatically enlarged, resulting in modern, large open spaces inside.

victorian house

The wraparound porch on this Victorian house in Hudson, New York is enhanced with “wedding cake” styling to reflect the front lines. A new stone patio and stairway adds additional flair.

A 1970’s ranch house transformed into a small modern jewel of a home.