Our Services

Basic Services

Schematic Design Phase

  • Budget Analysis
  • Program Analysis
  • Arranging for Client’s topographic survey
  • Analysis of Local, State, and Federal building codes
  • Development of Schematic Design plans
  • Statement of a probable construction cost.

Design Development Phase

  • Development of detailed plans, elevations and outline specifications
  • Development of design of mechanical, electrical and structural systems
  • Selection of materials: types and colors
  • Selection of furnishings and equipment
  • Planning of site development
  • Statement of probable construction cost / cost analysis
  • Bill of Materials / Building Materials List.

Construction Documents Phase

  • Preparation of final working drawings and specifications
  • Advise owner of any necessary adjustment to previous statements of probable construction cost
  • Advise Owner in submission of all necessary documents to local, state and federal authorities
  • Advise Owner and preparation of necessary bidding, information, and documents
  • Building Analysis / Building Review / Inspections
  • Interpretations of Contractors Bids / Bid Reviews / Selection of Contractors.

Bidding or Negotiation Phase

  • List of Bidders for private / public work
  • Analysis of bids received
  • Issuance of Addendum
  • Preparation of all contractual forms
  • Assist Owner in negotiations with Bidders
  • Assist Owner in awarding of contract.

Construction Supervision Phase

  • Visits to construction site at appropriate intervals
  • Represent Owner during construction project
  • Periodic job meetings with Owner and Contractor
  • Issuance of field reports and change orders
  • Approval of suppliers’ shop drawings
  • Check material supplies
  • Preparation of additional detailed drawings
  • Final check work and punch list
  • Approval of Contractor’s request for payment
  • Final inspection before Contractor’s guarantee expires.

Project Services

Project Analysis

  • Investigate and determine feasibility and needs of the project
  • Human factors analysis – Owner’s needs
  • Considerations for an energy conscious facility through conservation and solar systems
  • Building and operation programming analysis – spatial requirement and relationships
  • Grant proposals and methods of funding
  • Research for restoration and planning of historical sites and buildings
  • Existing facilities surveys
  • Considerations for accessibility for the handicapped and elderly
  • Historic structure reports
  • Historic preservation certification application
  • Code analysis.

Site Analysis

  • Site analysis and selection
  • Detailed site utilization studies
  • On site utility studies
  • Environmental studies and reports.

Feasibility Studies

  • Develop conceptual alternative solutions
  • Determine economic considerations of project costs, financing, and budgeting
  • Prepare design and construction scheduling.


  • Full Computer Aided Design (CAD) services
  • Construction of a scale model of the project
  • Perspective drawing of the project
  • Floor and/or site plans for display and brochure.

Cost Control

  • Preparation of a quantitative survey
  • Complete cost analysis: general construction; site improvements; equipment and furnishings; architectural and engineering fees; construction and project contingency.

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